"Yoga is skill in action"
  vijñãna yoga  
body of light yoga

I began practising yoga in 1999 and soon realised that I wanted to explore this subject in depth. I set off on my adventure with the Aurolab School of Yoga where I studied with Sama Fabian. The Aurolab Project is mainly based on the teachings of Dona Holleman and Orit Sen-Gupta.

I've been teaching since 2002. My approach is inspired by my teachers: Sama's clarity of asana practice and spiritual guidance, and Angelica Grohman's joyful, endless, inspirational encouragement towards deepening my own practice. Like my teachers, I hope to transmit the potential to transform body, mind and spirit, and ignite a passion for Yoga. My aim is to bring yoga to my students, in such a way, that it becomes a part of their everyday life. I would like to bring together several aspects of classical Yoga: the understanding of structural alignment in the asana practice (postures), the refinement of mental and emotional patterns through the practice of pranayama (breathing techniques), and access to a place of stillness, relaxation and meditation.

My teaching style is very adaptable and broad ranging - depending on the student's needs, age and ability. I am currently teaching yoga in nurseries, schools (to the children, their teachers, and parents), and other public and private sector institutions. I also have experience of working with mature mental health patients and disabled children, and preparing students for exams by teaching them how to apply relaxation and breathing techniques in stressful situations.